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Student can access contents on eschoolboy.com by registering and making payment for access

Registration and payment can be made directly by the student online

Eschoolboy.com has a wide range of courses from Pre KG to Standard XII. There are courses which are seasonal and round the year

On successful payment and registration the student is provided eschoolboy.com user-id and password

The student is entitled to access only the course/plan they have subscribed

Student can access other courses available by subscribing for the same

The user-id should be referred for all Eschoolboy.com renewals and all communication related to Eschoolboy.com

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Student agrees not to violate the usage of products by downloading, copying etc

Eschoolboy.com reserves the right to bar the student from accessing eschoolboy.com for and violation/abuse of usage

All payments made to access products in eschoolboy.com are non-transferable and non-refundable

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