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As nowadays, the objective test has become a way to measure an individual’s characteristics in a way that is independent of raters’ bias or the examiners’ own beliefs, most of the institutions follow the path of objective test based admission/selection process.

However, the present education system does not provide proper way for student to excel in objective tests unless student takes some extra efforts like attending coaching classes etc. Moreover, the skill needed to be developed at the early stage of education itself.

At schoolboy.com, the students can learn the subjects by practicing simple objective type tests and simple questions answers type informations.

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Eschoolboy.com is promoted by Dr. J. R. Jaya Mary, M.S.W., B.Ed., Ph.D. who is specialized in Child Psychology and children education.

Eschoolboy.com is administrated by Dr. J. John Ohilvi, M.Com., LL.B., FCS, Ph D., is a Tamilnadu (India) based Practicing Company Secretary. He is a Fellow Member of Institute of Company Secretaries of India, ICSI House, New Delhi – 110003 which is established under the Act of Indian Parliament (the Company Secretaries Act, 1980) under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India